Sunday, November 18, 2012



So this is my Blog. I finally got around to making this post after spending 2 hours on the background. It probably sucks.

I'll be attempting to post Vanguard content here on a regular basis. Content will probably contain Deck Profiles, Tournament Reports, and even intricate things to simply get better at the game. I may also use it as an opinion column, to respond to the constantly changing gamestate and metagame of Vanguard. My next post should simply be my personal tips at getting better at certain aspects of Vanguard, such as Attacking, Defending, Mulligan-ing, and some other stuff.

Last bit to put here. I know I'm not the most knowledgeable or well-known player in Vanguard, but I feel like every player holds their own personal views and insights into the game, and all of them are equally helpful and interesting. No one person is more "right" than someone else, so don't think you're doing it wrong just because someone else says you are and he has a fancy schmancy Blog or YouTube channel. Listen to yourself, take criticism when needed (seriously, everyone needs some at some point), and play the game your way.

Hope you enjoy the Blog!

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